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Fellows College

The common curriculum for fellows includes the Fellows College, a workshop series held every four months attended by fellows in all pediatric subspecialties. Workshop activities are grouped by fellow class.

Small-Group Workshops

The 3 year Fellows College Curriculum includes topics such as:

  • Handoffs and consultations as a fellows
  • Disclosing and reporting safety events
  • Designing, implementing, and analyzing quality improvement
  • Choosing career tracks
  • Preparing for the job search and what to expect in interviews
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication and leadership skills
  • Wellbeing and joy in medicine
  • Resiliency after adverse event
  • Transitioning from fellow to faculty

Ethics Series

These regular lunchtime conferences cover biomedical ethics topics an interactive forum; sample topics are listed below. Discussions are led by experts from the Department of Pediatrics and the larger Northwestern community.

  • Deciding to forgo life-sustaining therapy, including DNR/DNI orders
  • Deciding to forgo artificial fluids and nutrition (and perhaps physician-aided death)
  • Medical futility
  • Truth-telling and confidentiality
  • Informed consent and minor assent
  • Organ transplantation (donation, allocation
  • Children as research subjects
  • Scientific integrity/misconduct
  • Relationships to commercial entities
  • Medical mistakes/malpractice
  • Impaired physicians
  • Medical testimony/expert witness role

Scholarship Curriculum

Fellows participate in a wide diversity of scholarship, including basic lab science, clinical, translational, medical education, ethics and advocacy. New fellows are introduced to institutional research-related resources in orientation. A grant writing workshop is offered to fellows in their second year, which culminates in submitting for the Fellow Scholar grant offered by the Department of Pediatrics.

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